Friday, October 10, 2014

Week 32

Week 32

   After being gone in England for a couple of weeks it really threw off my scrapbooking groove. Up until now I hadn't really fallen behind, which is way more impressive than I could have ever expected! Usually I fall behind with something like this in July or August and then never pick it back up. But, this is one of my resolutions this year so I refuse to let my scrapbook fizzle away. I had this week all printed out and done minus the text since before I left. These are the pictures from Key West (1, 2, 3) and I had a ton! So three inserts seemed appropriate.

   Currently I am about 7 (going on 8) weeks behind. I plan on catching up by printing all of the pictures at once and then putting them away the best I can and moving on. My theory with my scrapbook has always been about the pictures and not many embellishments so just having the memories recorded is my biggest goal.

   Here we go! #letscatchuponprojectlife

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Art Journal << 1 >>

    I've been following Caylee for a long time now both with her blog and on Instagram and I am constantly inspired by her Get Messy Art Journal posts. I hesitated participating for the longest time because I don't have an endless supply of magazines that can be cut up and honestly I don't even have a "stash" for scrapbooking that I could dip into. So, I just thought an art journal wasn't for me. But, Caylee's posts were just too beautiful and I knew I had to try my hand at a few impromptu projects. And what do you know, as soon as I looked I already had supplies, you know like paint, watercolors, and crayons.

   I'm not officially on the link up with the Get Messy movement but, I figure that shouldn't stop me from creating. I might try my hand at one of the prompts one of these days, but for now I'll just share my own little bits of creativity.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

England {#Cherubbing}

   I don't know about you but, when I am on a walk through who knows where and I see an abandoned alcove that looks like it should house a stone cherub statue, I need to get up on in there. So naturally my sister and I climb up there and strike our best cherub pose! #Cherubbing ;) We were totally just laughing and goofing off and living up to the "loud" American stereotype. Whatevs, I embrace it haha. This was such a small moment of our day but it definitely made my top 5 favorite moments from our trip. That's what it's all about, having a detailed plan, visiting all of the tourist stops and remembering small moments like this. My heart is smiling :)

   In case you missed it here are the other posts from our trip thus far (make sure to keep checking back because there will be many, many more): Windsor CastleBath AbbyPanini's and Coffee.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

England {Coffee & Panini's}

   So, I'm not a coffee drinker at all, but my family sure is and I appreciate the artwork that can be made is a cup of liquid. We had spent the first part of the day going through the city of Bath and Bath Abby and had worked up quite the appetite. And let me tell you, this was the best panini I've EVER had!! Roasted tomatoes, artichokes, spinach and mozzarella cheese, uh, yes please! This wasn't a planned stop on our itinerary and I have no clue what the restaurant was called but, the time we spent here was super enjoyable.

   In case you missed it here are the other posts from our trip thus far (make sure to keep checking back because there will be many, many more): Windsor CastleBath Abby.

Monday, October 6, 2014

England {Bath Abby}

   It's been taking a lot longer to get these posts up than I originally thought. I guess that's what happens when you come home with over 8,000 pictures (that's combined with mine, my sister's and my parents.) Here are the pictures posted from Windsor Castle.

   Day 2 began with a free guided tour around the city of Bath, those picture are to come. After, we went through Bath Abby and it absolutely took my breath away! As soon as I walked in I was in awe of the vaulted ceilings and the light rushing through the stained glass. I've never been inside such an ornate Church before, I'm used to services being held in warehouses or currently I attend a Church in a movie theater. I absolutely loved all of the history and richness that exists over here, and at this point in the trip it still hadn't really hit me of how long all of this stuff has really been around.

Thursday, October 2, 2014


   Time is a crazy thing. Days used to drag by as a kid. I remember going on 30 min car rides and wondering when would they ever end, and now I'm thinking if only I could find more time in the day. If only, if only, if only. Lately I've been craving more time to create, I'm behind on my scrapbook, I have loads of pictures from my trip and life keeps going that I want to record here in a timely fashion. I kept thinking less is really more, quality over quantity, and yadayada, but really what I'm needing is a schedule and the accountability to stick to it.

   I follow Elise's blog and Instagram and she posts every month under the hashtag #makeitpublicmakeithappen and that might be what I need to do too. I think 99% of the time I don't feel like I can post something because I don't have a Pinterest-worthy-thousands-of-likes-worth picture to go along with everything I have in my brain. Couple that with the fact that I live in a dark cave and never get nice pictures, I feel like I always have un uphill battle ahead of me.

   Anyway, enough of the downer talk, here is how I am going to attempt to fix my problem. Every day I come home for lunch and spend a half hour watching whatever's on TV and eating yogurt, well I don't know why I don't utilize that time to put some words on paper or for goodness sakes take pictures! I need a new organized system to plan and stick to blog projects where I can realistically see what time I have that can go into these ideas I have in my head. And third I need some discipline and accountability to actually do these things. Any accountability partners out there? ;)

   What are your tricks to staying organized and diligent with blogging/crafting?