Monday, March 29, 2010

Just a List

I was thinking today during worship about a few things that I would like to do in the near future that don't have anything to do with riding. Its a shorter list lol but I still think that I would really like to do them.

1) The first is to watch The Passion of the Christ. I've never seen this movie before because I wasn't sure if I was ready to watch simply the true suffering of Christ and also because I didn't know if I was spiritually in the right place before. I think this year I am ready to handle it and I would love to find time this Easter to watch it.

2) I'm dieing to go to Africa! I would love to go with the Mocha Club on one of their summer or winter trips. I'm still not positive when or how I would be able to do this but it definitely is on my heart.

3) Just tonight while watching a clip about Jesus riding in on a donkey and people laying down the palms made me think that a trip through the middle east all through where Jesus lived would be the coolest thing ever! Maybe 7-10 years from now that would be something I would be able to do.

4) This one I still am not sure how I feel about it but its been on my mind a lot. I've been thinking about a tattoo idea using the verse 1 John 4:19 "We love because He first loved us." This verse has really grown on me and I believe it to be the very basic concept of Christianity. So I've considered putting that into a tattoo. Originally I thought about putting the whole verse somewhere but a new idea has come about. Now I'm liking just the word love, all in lower case cursive, with the reference underneath it. It's still something I'm not fully 100% about so I'll let you know. Who knows it could be a fun thing to do on my 21st birthday instead of wasting my brains out :).

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Today was the schooling show and I was supposed to ride Cali in the novice eq. We were warming up great in the upper indoor and came down to the lower indoor to warm up over the show jumps. We were close to being finished and were jumping the last jump in the 5 stride line and after we got over it Cali gave a buck with a twist and I came off hard. I landed on both of my knees and ate some dirt.

I got back up and went to clean myself off, I was really dirty! I ripped my only pair of show breeches :( I got back on up top and tried to re-warm up a little. I couldn't even move my legs. So I had to get off and I didn't get to show. I was able to fully put her away on my own but as time went on it got harder and harder to walk. I went to the doctors and then went and got x-rays of my knees.

Hopefully nothing is too wrong and hopefully I can ride again soon. But as for now walking would be a great improvement.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Break

It's been really nice to be home! I got to check on my pony and boy does he need his mommy! He hadn't gotten his feet trimmed since Christmas break.

I also tagged along to tennis practices and shocked myself by not totally stinking it up. I really do enjoy playing tennis. I wish I knew where courts were back at school.

Then on Saturday I went to Audrey's first tennis match. She got to play 3rd singles and she won! Jess and Hanna played first doubles and won as well. Hopefully everyone has a really great season! Good luck girls.

Watch out!

Workin hard!

The '10 Tennis Team.

3rd Singles.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Down South

What a start to spring break! I skipped out on my night class and left early from Fundamentals on Thursday. I flew out from Newark to Atlanta then on to Columbia, SC. I met up with Robin and we headed to the show grounds to check on the horses.

On Friday we went to the show in Aiken and I walked around and watched. Then later I got to hack Grannus a really nice big eq. horse. Then Saturday I got to ride both Ramino and Monte. We went out to dinner with another trainer and some of his clients. Then on Sunday Grannus showed and then we packed everyone up and headed to Savannah. When we got to her house I rode Arco out in her field.

I was supposed to catch my flight to Philly around noon on Monday but thunderstorms had a ground stop so I wasn't able to fly out. Thankfully Robin hadn't left yet and I was able to stay with her one more night. Before we had left I got to ride another horse and then once we got back I got to ride a really cute black one. Bright and early Tuesday morning I was able to catch my flight out.




The Barn.

Lucky and Roxy.

Monday, March 8, 2010

One Last Time

This was the last IHSA show of the season outside of Regionals and Zones. I got to do both flat and jumps today. My jumps course was really good till the last jump and Moon and I had a rail. I couldn't tell if there was one more stride or not so I was a little behind. Then for my flat class I rode Jazzy a hot and sensitive mare. I did the best I could to stay relaxed and make everything as smooth as possible.

While we were watching the other levels of horses warm up a grey caught my eye. He was the cutest thing! Over jumped everything and was quiet the little mover on the flat. I wanted to take him home with me in my back pocket!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Back Again

This semester we only have two horse shows and then we get into Regionals, Zones, and then Nationals. So I've signed up for both and I'm excited to horse show yet again!

I was originally was supposed to do both jumps and flat but they scratched me from flat so another girl could ride. Bummer :/. But I still got to jump, and when I found out my draw I got really excited. I drew Red who I rode last semester on the flat. It is really nice to draw a horse you have already ridden because you already know how they work and it gives you a slight advantage.

My round was really good and I was really excited to place first. Now I have 14 Jumping points and 17 Flat points.