Monday, June 29, 2009

Emerging Athletes

My name is officially on the list for the zone 9 Emerging Athlete's Program! I'm super excited and can't wait till July when Cheeks and I get to travel to Bend, OR to participate. :)
*Click on the picture to go to the EAP home page.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hoopfest Day #2

I went to Hoopfest again today and I was able to watch all of Abby's games. Her team did really well and made it to the championship game and got second! They did so great! I also went and watched Janelle W. and her dad play with Jenelle O. and her dad, and then Britt, Kyle, Jake and Katie win their game.

The boys played again today and won their first game because of a forfeit. Then they won their second game making them King of the Losers :). Haha. It was a fun game to watch!


Watch them play! lol.

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Hoopfest was fun to go walk around and watch. Audrey and I went down to watch the boys play and it was a show to be seen! They took 0% of their game seriously but it was so stinkin funny. They ran around in short shorts and cropped tops making fools of themselves. I can't imagine what the teams they played were thinking. They lost both of their games today and can't wait to goof off tomorrow.

After they had finished we went and watched Gavin's team play. It was night and day compared to the game we had just witnessed lol. Then we went and caught the end of Gunner, Jared and Nathan's game. Noah, Colby, Jordan, and Craver also played and then after Rowie, Crystal and Brianna played their game. Abby played earlier in the day so we missed her but congrats on winning both your games and good luck tomorrow!

They drew quite the crowd.

I don't know how this was basketball.

Yes. Thom is on Stephen's shoulders.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Rebecca Farms Day #2

Today was a much nicer day for me because I didn't ride till after the lunch break. Which makes it easier for me to know when I need to get on. The weather was a bit iffy so I was hoping the rain wouldn't come while I was riding.

Because I didn't ride until later the morning was very good for my mental state. I was able to focus and keep my head clear for when it was my time to ride.

Our first course was at 3' and we did really well. Much better than yesterday! But I let Cheeks get flat to one jump and we had a rail keeping us out of the jump off. But if I kept things up the day would end well.

Our secound course was also at 3' and we made it all the way to the speed part. Sadly we knocked another rail down but that was still good enough for sixth place! :)

After sitting around for a while it was time for our one 3'3" course. I don't think I had completely woken up and focused because we knocked another rail down and Cheeks really had to step up and save us through the last bending line. But he did and did it clean! I love him and his hard work was rewarded with another sixth place ribbon.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Rebecca Farms Day #1

Yay! We made it to Rebecca Farm. I didn't know if we would because we were late on our entry. But we got everything done in time and I'm really excited to show! This will be my last show with Cheeks for a long while :/.

I had to fill out my class entries today and that was something new to freak out over lol. Thankfully I got it done before I was to ride. I rode in the 2'9" Jumpers and 3' Jumper classes and lets just say I'm pretty show rusty.

Hopefully tomorrow goes better. Cheeks was such a good boy and really took care of me. I need to get my head in the game and bring it on tomorrow.

Tomorrow we'll do the 3' Jumpers and 3'3" Jumper classes so I'm really excited!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Our Adventure

Matt and Casey found this thing called the City Drive and invited Stephen and myself to come with them as they explored the Spokane area. It was really cool, online there was a print out that gave you directions to each place and then the history behind it. We didn't go to every place and we simply drove by many but it was fun to get out and walk around some fun places.

The first place we stopped was Riverfront Park. The weather seemed nice until it poured on us. We rushed back to the car dripping. It was good we had made an effort in getting ready :/.

We then continued on to the National Museum of Arts and Culture (the NMAC). We stopped and had dinner at David's Pizza, and Casey and I had never been so that was cool. Then we walked around Brown's Addition. We passed a few places between there and Manito Park. We walked through the rose gardens and by the pretty fountain. Sadly the Japanese Garden was closed. To finish the night off the boys got slurpees and we watched some lightning. It was a blast and we should finish it sometime.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Oh my so much cake! My mom needed 35 cakes for Camp to Belong. A camp that reunites foster kids with their siblings and they were all going to celebrate their birthdays at the same time. So I thought I had a brilliant idea, Me Hilly and Mem could make some cakes while having fun hanging out. I told my mom we could make three box cakes and cut them into ten mini two person cakes. Sounded simple enough right?

Well that idea faded pretty quickly. Mixing the ingredients and getting the cakes into the oven was the easiest part. Once they were cooked we let them cool, but I don't think we let them sit long enough. They all stuck to the bottom of the pans :(. Two were able to be saved somewhat but the third was just a mess! One was a bit too thin so we had to go to the grocery store to buy more cake and eggs.

We did more waiting and Emily had to go to dinner for her dad's birthday so Hil and I were left in charge. The next cake came out fine and this time we let it cool for way longer and it turned out perfectly! The last cake was a bit troublesome because the oven had turned off so it didn't bake so that one took really a long time, but turned out perfectly once we got things sorted out.

We were frosting the middles and outsides of every cake and we started to run out so we went to the store yet again. We bought frosting and were on our way. And of course we needed to buy three not two so we made a third trip to the grocery store and we finally were able to finish up our cakes!

The pile of cake Alfonzo ate.

We were finally done!

Monday, June 15, 2009


Is it bad that every time I go to Church it just frustrates me? Something about it always hits a wrong note with me. That could be it right there though, the worship has always bugged me. And after being on worship team I can't help but notice all the little things.

All the songs we sing are really high and in an odd key and sometimes they feel self-indulgent. I feel terrible for saying this about Church but it has really become a block that doesn't allow me to really hear the message.

I don't really know what to do to fix it, so for the most part I just don't go. I would really love to become involved but I've never really felt like I fit in and its all adults and then there is the fact that I'm leaving here pretty soon and I don't think it would make that much of a difference.

Hopefully once I've moved to New Jersey I'll be able to find a Church and become heavily involved. I really want to! This will just be another thing I have to trust God with.

Friday, June 12, 2009

A New Do

After wanting it for a long time I finally got purple in my hair!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Senior Trip Day #5

Wow our time is already up :(. It is time to leave and go back home. I can't believe its already over. Its sad to think that now that the trip is over seeing my classmates is no longer a garuntee.

We are officially going our own ways and while we still have summer left this will be the last time I will see many of these amazing people.

As we pack up to go I look back on this trip and I am very thankful for the wonderful people each one of these young men and women are and I am truely blessed!

Thanks for the memories! <3

Monday, June 8, 2009

Senior Trip Day #4

After getting burned yesterday we all wanted to stay out of the sun. So we decided to walk around Balboa and see what was up.

There were many cute little shops that we stopped by. We also went to the fun zone! It wasn't all that much fun but we did see pelicans and seals in the harbor. And the arcade where we all bought our way cool tats! :)

For dinner we went to BJ's for pizza and we ate like 13 pizzas! The NBA Finals were on so we watched that. Afterwards some of us went down to the beach and had a bonfire. It was fun and Emily and I were monkeys on this way cool play set.

Can you CanCan?

Sitting at our favorite spot in town.

With the pelicans.

Bye Reid :.(

The Feast!



This is how we wash our feet :).

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Senior Trip Day #3

Today was a fun day in the sun! All we had planned to do was enjoy the California rays. We played a lot of beach/Russian volleyball and even met a few people who Gavin invited to come play with us lol.

It was really nice to lay on the beach and read or just relax. The downfall to that was that we all got pretty burned :(. Our Spokane skin was not use to so much sun.


"It's just what they eat around here."

Playing in the waves.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Senior Trip Day #2

Before anything could be done we all had to ride Tower of Terror! The ride has 21 seats and that was the exact number of students on the trip. It ended up to be a really cool group pic. Once we got off the ride people started breaking off in groups. Brad, Aaron, Stephen, Jake, Britt, Tyler, Sammie, Casey and I went around the park for most of the day together. We rode so many rides I can't even remember.

We had fun in both Disneyland and California Adventure. Around six the whole group met up in front of the castle and we got a really cool group pic.

By the time the park was closing and it was time for us to leave we were all dead tired! We're getting old and can't have so much fun in one day :).

With our cruise classes on :).

Cool hats!

Star Wars.

Straight up G.

The whole group.