Saturday, February 27, 2010

Snow Days

Snow Day! So much snow and it just kept coming. We ended up with about 2 feet. At dinner Michelle really wanted to go outside and play in it so we all got bundled up and made a night of it.

It was a ton of fun! We made snow angels and tried a snow man but it didn't work. We trampled through all the untouched snow. We took pride as we looked around and knew that all of that mess was us :).

Candace was stuck in her snow angel.

We are so excited!

Candace, Jill, Kate, Michelle, Sam and I

We had a blast.

The End.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Whitney Chapel

After a long day of doing nothing because of a snow day we all kind of wanted to watch a movie. Kate and Michelle came over with their movies and we picked out Benjamin Button, Bicentennial Man, and 17 Again to watch.

Now we had to find a spot to watch them. Our lounge had been taken over by the sorority and none of rooms would house all of us comfortably. So we decided on the Chapel. We thought we might get kicked out by campus security around midnight but we could at least give it a shot.

We had everything we needed to set it up, the projector, a screen, and speakers. So we got started and kept an ear out lol. We did some coloring and ate popcorn and candy while watching Benjamin Button. After that movie was over Jill headed to bed and we started another movie. It was about midnight and still no one had come to kick us out.

We started Bicentennial Man but we decided we weren't in the mode for that one and put 17 Again in instead. The movie got over close to 2am so we packed up everything we had brought, put away the equipment and cleaned up our mess. Like no one was ever there.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Olympics!

The Olympics are here again. This time playing in the snow instead of the much more awesome summer months but nonetheless its the Olympics. It doesn't matter what sport I watch, I get into them all.

Cheering on the USA athletes inspires me even more. All while watching the opening ceremonies and the first few sporting events I think about what it would be like to be in their shoes, what they think about, and wondering how they all aren't jumping up and down all day long with excitement. I know I would be doing that.

I also think about how even though the things in my country might not be going well I still have an overwhelming pride for my colors. And I think it works that way for everyone, in every country. We all come together in the spirit of competition. Putting aside our differences and enjoying the name of the game.

I love it!

Thursday, February 4, 2010


So yesterday it was apparently prime showering time and the bathroom that always has hot water was being used :/. I even waited around a bit to see if they would be done soon. Well then I heard the water turn on and I was like "dang!" Because when someone else is showering absolutely no hot water goes to the other two bathrooms.

So I settle into one of the other ones and turn the water on hoping it might get warm. No luck. So I thought to myself - at least you get to shower in clean water, so many people don't have even that luxury, cold or not. So with that thought I braved the cold. The whole time telling myself that it wasn't that bad. Now it was that bad. It was like the cold that is freezing rain. FREEZING! But I told myself I was lucky non-the-less.

Strangely enough about 10min later it got just a hair warmer. The other person was obviously done, but still what a coincidence. Do coincidences really happen? Or do people just call the acts of God that so they can avoid Him? I don't know. But I totally sent a little thank you to the Man upstairs because it was one of those small blessings in life.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Life is but a Vapor

How true is this statement? I've been reminded of this more times than I would like these past couple of years. The two that have hit me the hardest were Mr. Orr and Drew. Both gone before anyone was ready to let go. In my new book that I'm reading, Crazy Love by Francis Chan, the second chapter is titled "You Might Not Finish This Chapter." I haven't found this chapter to scare me away into not finishing it but reiterates the very true fact that we are only here for a short time.

We are limited to time while God is not. Chan explains it to be like a movie. God is the main character and we are just an extra in the movie for half a second and you only see the back of our heads. And because our life is so short we really don't have the luxury of planning on tomorrow. We can make plans for what we could do but tomorrow might never come. So I ask this question to myself: What am I doing in this short period of time that is for the glory of God?

I could say things like campus ministry, working with Breakpoint, and I could say that I am a positive influence on people, but that is only part of me. Am I glorifying God with all of me every moment? How can I go about doing this? How can what I do here be worship for Him?

I feel like my life isn't doing enough for Him. How can I serve His kingdom by being a rider? I'm not saying that I should just drop that like a dirty sock but I want to re-evaluate it. How can I make being an equestrian more meaningful for the kingdom of God? I have no clue! :( I wish I did.