Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Man Behind the Curtain


   Authenticity. This word keeps popping up in all of the entrepreneurship podcasts I've been listening to lately and it seems to be a "new" idea for businesses. But, it makes more sense than anything else. People spend their money on companies with whom they connect and the way that is happening today is based on a business being real, showing the behind the scenes and connecting to the people running the show. But, it's more than just business! This should be true all across the board. I want to make it true in my life.

   All the time I feel like I need to filter myself and only put the best presented, most well rounded, shit together, not crazy, perfect self out there for others to see. But, let me tell you something. That doesn't work!! In trying to hide my crazy and act like a lady, as put by ms Miranda Lambert, I in the end make myself more crazy! I push down all my thoughts and feelings in fear of being vulnerable and judged and it just hurts me more than the potential words I'm trying to avoid. That really works out doesn't it?

   So along with goal #1, #2, and #3 I'm going to use this platform to try and break down my own walls and open up because I have another goal this will help accomplish.

Goal #4

is to make and sell something and start my own business. I haven't landed on just what I want all of that to be yet but, I do know that in order to give my business the best shot I need to lay some solid groundwork. So my goal to be consistent with my posting here is really a tool I plan on using in order to get my future business off the ground!

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