Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Film Photography Challenge

   I think the month of January is going to be a goal sharing month here on the blog. I want to highlight a few of my 15 goals for the year here in the hopes of sticking with them. Some of my 15 goals are small or personal and aren't really that interesting to talk about. Like I want to read more, do yoga more consistently, up my dental care routine, get involved at Church and find time for Bible study. I might update about those things every once in a while but, there are more fun things to talk about on a regular basis.

   The goal I want to talk about today is all about creativity and upping my photography game. And I want you to join me because
Goal #2

is to take one roll of film a month. Now, originally I was thinking I would just carry a film camera around with me and try to passively remember it and take 24 pictures in a month. But, as I got to thinking, I was honest with myself and knew that if I did that I would just leave it there and take pictures on my phone. I knew I needed a specific outlet to use my film and so thats where I came up with the Film Photography Challenge!

   The plan here is to get out and take more pictures and to focus one day a month to adventuring and recording the memories on film. My original hesitation with this was that I was going to waste pictures on insignificant moments or end up with only one good picture from a whole day of amazing moments, but let's be honest here, before there was digital cameras everyone took this risk. I don't think one day is really going to be lost if 24 pictures don't come back perfect.

   And also, perfection is overrated!!! You don't get any better if you're sitting around waiting to be perfect. Get out there and make some mistakes! Take some dark pictures, some blurry pictures, some totally unrecognizable pictures. But also take some amazing pictures that you will cherish forever! The beauty of film is that you won't know what you have till the roll is developed, so really the biggest success is taking a roll down the street to Walgreens. As the months go by I'm hoping to have fewer throw away pictures and to get better at using film. I'm a bit of an old soul who doesn't want to let go of the past.

   At the end, or very beginning of the next month, I will share every picture I took from the month. Good, bad and ugly. You will see them all! I'm not about to pretend to you that I took a whole roll of fabulous.

   Will you join me? Leave me a comment below so I can follow your journey with film too!

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